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Perfectly combining djent and metalcore, Canadian band The Northern stays true to themselves within a unique sound that fans have grown to love.


Founding members, Leo Valeri and Nick Papageorgiou were on the road with their former bands when they got to talking about their musical tastes and realized they were very similar. Although they lived in different countries, The Northern was first formed as a project for fun and in the beginning was not intended to be a live band. After recording and releasing the Imperium EP, the overwhelming response made it clear this band would have to be more than just a hobby.


That first EP Imperium was released in 2013 (Self-engineered, mixed by Doug Meadows of All Spark Studio, mastered by Joey Sturgis of The Foundation Recording Studio) and was followed by a collaboration with friend Kyle Anderson of The Afterimage titled ‘Digitize’ (engineered, mixed & mastered by Meadows). The next two singles were ‘Revive’ (2014 engineered, mixed & mastered by Leo Valeri of Emperor Studio) and ‘Matches’ (2015 - self-engineered, mixed & mastered by Sturgis). Once the momentum that “Matches” brought started to happen, it was clear it was time to switch gears and solidify the line-up which includes Vocalist Nick Papageorgiou, Eric Leblanc and Jordan Gallant on guitars, Adam Linka on drums/vocals and Gordon Campbell on bass.


The current members of The Northern have shared the stage with bands like The Afterimage, Sirens and Sailors, Chasing Safety, My Ticket Home, Everyone Dies in Utah and many more. Some of them have also been featured on festivals such as Warped Tour, Scenefest, KOI Fest, Skatefest, Corefest and Canadian Music Week. The band is excited to hit the road with the new line-up and to showcase their current direction.


Once things were solidified in 2015, The Northern set their sights high for 2016. The band announced that they had signed to Tragic Hero Records and released the first single, “Nauticus” off their upcoming 2017 release ‘Solstice’ (engineered, mixed & mastered by Doug Meadows). Adam Linka explains, “Tragic Hero is a perfect match for our band. They’re a community of artists whose main goals are to help each and every artist equally, from the smaller bands up to the heavy hitters.”


'Solstice' (recorded, mixed and mastered by Doug Meadows at Allspark Studio) released January 27, 2017 was received in an extremely positive light, hitting #5 on the iTunes charts upon release day. The album has been featured on many notable outlets and playlists such as Alternative Press, Lambgoat, Revolver magazine, New Noise, It Djents, multiple metalcore Spotify playlists, Rock the Walls - Idobi Radio, New Music Inferno and many others.

Upon frontman Nick Papageorgiou departing from the band in late 2017 due to creative differences, the band was subsequently joined by new vocalist Mike Cutway, being a long time peer in the Canadian metal scene. The Northern agreed he was a great fit following Nick, as Mike currently fills the roll of frontman for prominent Toronto act; Loyalist. This led to Mike playing shows and recording The Northern's most recent single in 2018 with the band, entitled 'Samsara' (recorded, mixed and mastered by Doug Meadows at Allspark Studio).

The Northern partnered with booking company, The Arkham Agency to embark on U.S./Canada headlining tour in May 2018 on the 'May The Force Be With You' tour, with support from Pangaea.

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