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The Afterimage



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Could there be a more fitting name than The Afterimage? This is a band that leaves their mark. With only two EPs to date, the band has made monumental waves in an ever expanding sea of contemporary metal that continue to ripple in the worlds of djent and progressive music. 2015’s Lumiere, received a 5/5 rating from New Noise Magazine and was lauded by, among other publications. Soon after its release, the band went on the road with other Tragic Hero favorites, ERRA and Invent Animate, astounding crowds with a technical proficiency of the highest tier. Their captivating melodic passages and passionate lyrics distinguish them among their “brutal” contemporaries, becoming an expression of the anxieties and insecurities of those trying to break through to be something more than just another face in the crowd.

Riding this momentum, the band was eager to get back in the studio and release a full length album to solidify their growing reputation as metalcore heavyweights. Eve, without question, brings the same level of musicianship displayed on Lumiere and continues to set The Afterimage apart from what is often labeled a notoriously static genre. Frontman Kyle Anderson, has said, “We started as a project that showcased technicality and precision at the heavier end of the musical spectrum. Now we’re primarily focused on creating the most captivating songs, with heavy passages used merely as one of a number of dynamics”. Pummeling tracks with frantic guitars and driving rhythms often give way to soaring choruses that feel more like an uncontrollable explosion than catharsis. Instead of resolution, the music finds itself in a vicious cycle that only becomes more beautifully bitter over time. These ideas are reflected not only in the sound of Eve, but in it’s themes as well. There is plenty of chilly imagery in the titles and lyrics, creating an atmosphere of isolation and stony resentment. However, this iciness melts away and gets whipped into a hurricane of emotions as the characters on the album confront issues such as loss, substance abuse, and replacement.

Despite the album’s frigid themes, The Afterimage is heating things up. They were already without a doubt, a tour de force when it came to skill and precision, but they continue to grow. The concepts and textures on this new release showcases a dedication to their craft, and attention to detail. Eve, another appropriate name; as an album, sets the stage for what’s to come from a band with unlimited potential.

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