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California’s Strawberry Girls have been churning out guitar-driven prog-rock for over 8 years now and each song can feel like a split personality disorder. At some points, melting & contagious rhythms reflect over a pool of mesmerizing riffs, then at other times you simply sit back and wade in the water of soothing melodies.

The band is aptly named after 80’s post-punk song “Christine”, by Siouxsie & the Banshees, which was written about the real life patient Christine Sizemore who was portrayed by Joanne Woodward in the 1957 movie The Three Faces of Eve. In the movie, Christine interweaves three distinct personalities, similar to how Strawberry Girls blends genres. It’s a fitting name to a band that has effortlessly intertwined dynamic changes in their songs for three LP’s and continues to do so on their next one.

Tasmanian Glow, the fourth full length from Salinas, California’s Strawberry Girls is poetic without having to say a word. The instrumental math-rock/prog-rock trio paints you pictures through endless aggressive grooves and dynamically lush leads that are as equally head banging as they are toe tapping. Elaborating on the progressive rock that made them a name stay on tours with CHON, mewithoutYou and The Contortionist, Tasmanian Glow rips through 13 exuberant tracks without skipping a beat (unless they want to) and is poised to be a welcome edition to their already impeccable catalog.

“With this album, we took our sound and distilled it into what we feel is a catchier version of our past music. Our goal was to pack each song with parts that would get stuck in your head, while writing shorter songs that feel more to the point”, guitarist Zac Garren opens up about the process of writing Tasmanian Glow. He continues, “In the past we've had lots of songs over 5 minutes, typically going off in many, often linear, directions, but we tried to really focus on making a diverse collection of memorable songs that we hope won't leave your head.”

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