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Save Us From The Archon



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With an intense spotlight on melody and beauty, Save Us From The Archon (SUFTA) focuses on weaving in relaxed interludes to give listeners a chance to breath before the next sonic assault. Sounds reminiscent of old Protest The Hero, SUFTA mixes in heavy math rock into a punk influenced progressive metal sound. 

Andrew Cresto (Guitar), Nelson Brooks (Guitar), Samantha Zunich (Bass), Devin Greig (Drums) have been playing music together for years in a previous progressive metal band. In 2012, they decided to change directions to mature their sound and became a strictly instrumental outfit. Since the creation of SUFTA the band has worked hard to maintain their progressive edge while continuously trying to push the boundaries on conventional math rock by adding their own unique variations. 

After playing local shows and festivals around Pittsburgh and surrounding states, the band was eager to hit the road nationally and increase their fan base. They've toured in the past with Lakota De Kai, Comrades, Fighting the Villain and Angel Vivaldi. 

SUFTA takes great pride in self recording and producing everything they write in their own studio. Doing the work themselves ensures the band has complete control of the sound of feel of each record. Although it can be a daunting and draining ordeal, the band feels it's necessary to produce the perfect sound they strive for. Their first album, "How Terrible, the Undergrowth's Jaws That Tangle" (produced/engineered by Brooks), was released in early 2012 and was followed up with their EP "Some Things We Carry Always" (produced/engineered by Brooks and Cresto) in the beginning of 2013. Keeping with their pattern of a new year means new music, 2014 brought fans "Thereafter" (produced/engineered by Brooks). "Fear Eats the Soul" (produced/engineered by Brooks and Cresto) debuted in 2015 and was a big part of what helped catch the eye of Tragic Hero Records.

Having been fans of THR since their teenage years, SUFTA feels beyond blessed to be able to work with a label they've looked up to for so long. They hope to bring a fresh, original and energetic sound to the roster. Their label debut will be out March 18th and the band will be touring nationally on the Shape of Colour tour with Intervals, Plini and Angel Vivaldi in support of the release.

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