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Have a two minute conversation with anyone in Outlands, and you’ll quickly realize why they have dubbed their sound as “Positive Metal Core.” Their lively personalities and determined mindsets are as infectious as their songs. Outlands features James DeBerg (vocals), Jordan Garza (vocals), Alex Ortega (guitar), Kris Renfro (guitar), Zack Harrison (bass), and Garrett Halvax (drums) cites bands like Devil Wears Prada and We Came As Romans as their biggest influences. They use those band’s live performances as the inspiration for their energy filled live set. Utilizing a two frontman set up of clean and alternative vocals and drawing from their well of emotional lyrics and awe inspiring stage presence, Outlands is able to illicit a passionate and interactive crowd reaction.

This past year has been quite the ride for Outlands, culminating in their working with Drew Fulk (We Came As Romans, Motionless In White) to record their debut LP, Grave Mind. “Drew, with his extensive musical knowledge, experience in developing bands, and awesome team of assistants,” said DeBerg, “helped us find our own unique sound and perfectly portray the emotion and message of our music.” Along with the LP, which was recorded at Think Sound Studios in North Carolina, the band has recently signed on to the family of artists at Tragic Hero Records. “After talking extensively with Tommy (Tommy Lacombe/Tragic Hero Records Owner),” added Deberg, “we all decided that Tragic Hero Records was the perfect fit for Outlands to jumpstart our music careers.”

With their soon to be released debut LP scheduled for June 23rd and an extensive touring calendar to follow, Outlands is poised to use 2015 as a springboard towards an exciting career!

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