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It Hates You

Heavy Fruit



Impulsive is a word that comes to mind when thinking about Wilmington, NC band He Is Legend. Their sound is best described as rock and roll although; it can be difficult to predict what direction their next album might take. Refusing to be pigeon holed into one sub genre, they choose to write songs that can be unique and polar opposites of each other, but still assuring you that you’re listening to He Is Legend. Pulling influences from bands like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins, they crafted an aggressive and faster sound with those defining elements.

The name He Is Legend is an adaptation of the 1954 book I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. After releasing their first EP in June 2004 entitled 91205, the band signed on with Christian based label Solid State Records which has fueled many debates among fans about whether or not they are a Christian group. While members of the band have claimed to be followers of Christ, He Is Legend has made it clear that they are not collectively a Christian band stating, “We are in no way a Christian band… We all enjoy music; we all enjoy playing our instruments, so if we had to be classified as anything it would be a ‘band’ band or ‘music’ band.” They released their full length albums I Am Hollywood and Suck out the Poison, which were followed by extensive touring in the United States and Europe with acts like Norma Jean, Atreyu, Chimaira, Dragonforce, and Killswitch Engage.

The group’s current line up of Schuylar Croom (vocals), Adam Tanbouz (guitar), Matt Williams (bass), Sam Huff (drums/percussion), and Denis Desloge (guitar), signed to Tragic Hero Records in 2009 to release It Hates You. The album was produced by ex-Filter guitarist Mitchell Marlow and Allen Jacob at Warrior Sound in Chapel Hill, NC, with additional production by Kit Walters. “The difference (with this album) is that we were the ones calling the shots,” says Croom. “It was a little more laid back and comfortable for us because we were in surroundings we were used to and had our friends with us. We were just making a record that we wanted to hear. As opposed to being out of our element and in a city we’re not used to, we were in a place we love. North Carolina is our home. It was easier for us to work there.” 

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