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Eternal Void



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Technical guitar passages, heavy breakdowns and soothing ambient transitions are just part of what makes Dayton, Ohio's Eternal Void stand out. The band strives to perfectly combine their extraordinary musical abilities with meaningful lyrics that are delivered through intense vocals.

Eternal Void was formed in 2008 as a side project of drummer, Dylan Krebs. After working with guitarist/backing vocalist, Evan Hilderbrandt, in another project, the two wanted to go in a different direction. After the addition of vocalist, Logan Adams, the band was ready to go into the studio to record their debut album.

In 2014, Eternal Void released "Catharsis" (produced by Brian Hood of 456 Recordings), which showcased their musicianship and diversity. In 2017, the addition of guitarist, Kyle Davis, proved to be the missing puzzle piece and solidified the lineup.

After seeing success at the local level and sharing the stage with bands like Fit For A King, Otep, and Phinehas, the band hit the road on multiple headlining runs. Met with an overwhelming response, hard work and dedication was proving to be paying off.

In 2018, Eternal Void re-released their album “Catharsis” on Tragic Hero Records.

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