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The Misery In Me


Whether we’re searching for healing or meaning, Roseview believes that shifting our perceptions can help us find it. Calamity can become the catalyst for something within the greater good when observed through a different lens. For Roseview, “battling difficult things in our lives – whether it’s feeling alone, dealing with anxiety or depression, or losing family and friends,” is what fuels their passion for music. Although experiences like loss and alienation are painful, Roseview manages to help us recognize them as valuable.

The band's music suggests that we can forge strength and wisdom even in the fires we set ourselves. The sounds are bursting with intimate ruminations and tragedies set to throttling instrumentation. With thunderous drums, the heavy hearts of helpless characters are carried on the uplifting winds of agile guitars, ground into the rocks of the hard road they travel and set free through passionate vocal performances. In the end, they find consolation and a sympathetic ear in the listener.

    Roseview was formed in 2015 by a group of friends from Portland, Maine. Inspired by bands like Underoath, Counterparts and The Devil Wears Prada, they thoughtfully blend hardcore music with melodic elements to create exciting anthems that incite movement. Their charismatic performances have put them on stage alongside acts such as, Vanna, Sharptooth, Moral Code, and most recently, I Hate Heroes. Over the summer, Roseview also had the opportunity to perform at Impact Music Festival, alongside several major acts.

    After signing with Tragic Hero Records, Roseview is ready to share their experiences on a larger scale. The band’s music will help others think more positively. Even if you came to the show alone, it’s hard to feel that way while shouting an anthem along with an entire room of your peers. The Misery In Me is now available for purchase and streaming worldwide.

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