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Try This With Your Eyes Closed




Positive Mental Attitude. This is the mantra that is not only a driving force for Raleigh, North Carolina based Alesana, but also a way of life. Celebrating eleven years as a band, the pop-metal sextet is always in high spirits and accustomed to playing their hearts out every night when on the road. Countless US tours, several trips around the world, and seven major releases later, Alesana is living proof that hard work and dedication to dreams can go a long, long way. Calling Revival Recordings their home, the band released the conclusion to their Annabel Trilogy in April 2015. Produced by Shawn Milke and engineered by Neil Engle, Confessions takes listeners on a chaotic journey that the band describes as a "controlled panic attack with moments of dreamlike reprieve." Released in December of 2013, the stand-alone single Fatima Rusalka progressed the band’s conceptual trilogy en route to its conclusion with Confessions. The song does what has come to be expected of the storytelling rock machine which is to draw from past influences while incorporating new possibilities, dynamics, and sonic exploration. Having spent time on Tragic Hero Records, Fearless Records, and Epitaph Records, Alesana’s entire catalogue, consisting of Try This With Your Eyes Closed, On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax, Where Myth Fades To Legend, The Emptiness, A Place Where The Sun Is Silent, and Confessions, has charted on the Billboard Top 200. The band unplugged their amps for two songs, Hiatus and Dancing Alone, on the upcoming Revival Recordings acoustic compilation It's All Acoustic. The album is now available for purchase and was released via Revival Recordings on January 29. Alesana's two most recent releases, The Decade EP and Confessions are available now on iTunes via Artery Recordings and Revival Recordings, respectively. In summer 2016, Alesana released a special edition of Confessions including two new tracks along with a novella, entitled Annabel, which inspired The Annabel Triology.

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