You’re Stronger Than You Know Eternal Void releases inspiring track

You’re Stronger Than You Know
Eternal Void releases inspiring track
     There comes a point in everyone’s life when things can get too tough and we need the support of others to make it through. Supporters can offer guidance and overwhelming times can also teach us that we are stronger than we think. Eternal Void used those life experiences as the inspiration behind their track, “With Time.”
     Eternal Void strives to make their lyrics meaningful and give the listeners a deeper connection to the band. “With Time” is no exception as you can feel the emotions throughout the words that resonate with the listeners own unique experiences. Guitarist Evan Hilderbrant shared, “With Time is about maintaining strength and solidarity in difficult times and eventually reaching out for help, yet not receiving a helping hand, but instead having someone open your eyes and provide the realization that you can and will stand strong on your own.”
      The intertwining of technical guitar passages and infectious hooks,breathes life into this heavy track. “With Time” highlights the band’s musicianship as well as bringing to light to their impactful lyrics.
     The song is from the band’s upcoming re-release of “Catharsis” (out 3.2) that includes a brand new track along with reimagined versions of fan favorites. Pre-orders of the record along with exclusive new merch are available at Merchbucket.