Tomorrow Isn’t Guaranteed

I Promised Once premieres new single/announces album
     Life is full of ups and downs and you never know what will happen. Nothing is guaranteed and sometimes we get so caught up in everyday struggles, we forget to live each day to the fullest. Metalcore band, I Promised Once, lives this way. That was the inspiration for their new single, “Forever Lost.”
     Using the real-life experience of a summer romance, the song is based on those memories and life lessons learned. Guitarist Nils shared, “Forever Lost is based on a summer romance that ends in tragedy, this song incurs images of road trips, the beach, and precious time spent with loved ones. It is a reminder to cherish every day in your life because you don’t know when you might lose it all.”
     “Forever Lost” also gives listeners a glimpse of what to expect with the band’s debut full length, “Salvation,” that will be released on January 19th, 2018. The single features heavy guitar riffs, an intense breakdown and an infectious chorus that will be stuck in your head immediately after you hear it.
      I Promised Once used this album to challenge themselves by delivering a wide range of styles to the record. Listeners will find elements of classical/film music, djent and hip-hop intertwined with the bands signature metalcore sound. Nils explained, “We wanted to make an album with a two-way approach to push our songwriting to the next level: to become heavier, but also more melodious at the same time. Like darkness & light, one cannot exist without the other. On this album, you will find  moshable tracks, but also a few songs with a slower pace.”
     “Borderless Metalcore” is a motto that I Promised Once strives to accomplish with everything they do and this album is no exception. Nils shared, “We wanted to find a topic that people all over the world can connect to on a personal level. Personal struggles, addiction, human relationships and dealing with loss all made an impact in the writing process of this album. While those dark moments are being represented throughout the album, the overlying theme is that even in the worst moments, there is hope for a better tomorrow.”
      “Salvation” is now available for pre-order along with exclusive new merch at Merchbucket.
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