New Year, New Signing

Tragic Hero Records welcomes Eternal Void to the roster
      As 2018 is now upon us, Tragic Hero Records is proud to announce the first signing of the new year with Ohio based, Eternal Void. The band is excited to premiere the first single, “Element,” off “Catharsis” which will be out on March 2nd.
      Finding the perfect fit for a partnership can be a difficult task, but being longtime fans of the label, the choice to work with THR was an easy one for Eternal Void. Vocalist Logan Adams shared, “We are extremely excited to be a part of the Tragic Hero family, which has a rich history of amazing artists. We couldn’t ask for a better team to have our back.”
     Artists spend years perfecting their sound and creating music that encompasses who they are not only as individuals, but as a band. With the premiere of the first single, “Element,” fans get a glimpse of what to expect from the record. Adams explained, “Element is the first song where we felt we found our sound. It’s full of quick tempo changes and technical passages that make it a blast to play live.”
     “Catharsis” features instrumental bonus tracks that highlight the band’s abilities and also includes a brand new track. Adams shared, “With the re-release, we thought we would give people something different with the additional songs. We also wanted to give people a taste of what to expect in the future with our new track “Suspended Animation,” giving new and old fans something to enjoy.”
      The future looks bright for Eternal Void as they are ready to bring the heavy with intense breakdowns, infectious choruses and technical guitars.
      Pre-orders of the record are available exclusively at Merchbucket.