The Heavy Side of Love Eternal Void evokes emotions with “Lie Awake” 

The Heavy Side of Love 
Eternal Void evokes emotions with “Lie Awake”
     Being a musician may seem glamorous from an outsider’s perspective; traveling the country on tours, playing music for thousands of fans every night and living the rockstar lifestyle. On the other side of it all, the difficulty of being away from family and loved ones at any given time is emotionally and physically straining. That view is what Eternal Void drew inspiration from for their latest single, “Lie Awake.”
       The track is deeply personal to Vocalist, Logan Adams, as he wrote the song while he was in the studio recording. He shared, “The lyrics were made on the spot in between recording other songs and the end result was a heavier love song. At the time, we had been there for over a week and I was missing my fiancee. The song simply put, is about overcoming hardships in a relationship combined with the patience that comes along with loving someone.”
     “Lie Awake” starts off with a serene guitar intro before breaking into the band’s signature heavy growls and intense breakdowns. The track takes listeners on an emotive rollercoaster as the lyrics are easily relatable and tell a descriptive story. Eternal Void prides themselves on making music that fans can listen to and intertwine their own life experiences with what they hear.
     The band’s upcoming label debut, “Catharsis,” will be released on March 2nd with pre-orders available at Merchbucket. Fans of bands like Fit For A King, ERRA and August Burns Red will want to take note of Eternal Void as they are on the path to becoming a strong force in the scene.