Death Is The Goal Of LifeEarthists. release thought-provoking new single

Death Is The Goal Of Life
Earthists. release thought-provoking new single
     Earthists. prides themselves on making meaningful music. Their new single, “memento mori,” is the first new track since their Tragic Hero Records debut, “Dreamscape.” Highlighting how much the band has grown, all while sticking to their signature sound, the single has a deep meaning behind the lyrics.
    When asked about the theme and concept behind the song, Guitarist Yuta Tanaka shared, “Our vocalist Yui wrote the lyrics and shared his inspiration as Life and Death are not conflicting, but death is including life. In other words, death is the goal of life. We may be hurting someone all without knowing it. In order to break this cycle, we must be aware of it and forgive each other.”
     “Naturecore” is the genre to which Earthists. best describes their sound, making for a cohesive theme throughout their lyrics. Focusing on the importance of nature and our overall existence, the band hopes listeners will be inspired after hearing the lyrics. 
“To live means to hurt. We firstly needed to forgive our feeling. That we live in this world. We just do not exist. We quietly disappear. “
Tanaka continued to explain, “We believe this song could help you think about why we are alive and re-examine the life value associated with comprehending death without biases.”
     Earthists. have been making a name for themselves as the go-to supporting act over in Japan along with gaining recognition worldwide for their progressive sound and melodic melodies. “memento mori” gives fans a sneak peek of the band’s upcoming album.