Paradise Isn’t Always What It Seems

Northern Ghost premieres their second single

We’ve all experienced the disappointment that can come as a result of a situation not living up to our expectations, or had to deal with being promised something only to have it not be fulfilled. Those are the kind of character builders that influenced Northern Ghost’s new single, “False Paradise,” off their debut record, ‘Happy : Sad : Depressed : Suicidal’. Vocalist Tony McVaney delivers with such intensity, that one can hear the emotion he puts into the lyrics. When asked to explain his intent, he shared, “False Paradise is about buying into empty promises and dealing with the realization that the outcome you were expecting from your labor and choices doesn’t happen, or worse, turns out to be the complete opposite.”
While this may be the debut album for Northern Ghost, an earlier version of the band did release music under a different name as part of the Standby Records roster. Following a name change and a new home at Tragic Hero Records, the band will be releasing “Happy : Sad : Depressed : Suicidal” on July 7th. Northern Ghost is also featured on Tragic Hero’s first ever label tour with Dead Rabbitts, I Set My Friends on Fire and SET TO STUN, which kicks off on June 16th in Austin, TX and ends on July 15th with a performance in Fullerton, CA

Northern Ghost has not explained in any great detail about how much the name change and new home, might in some way signify a completely different course for the band. The intriguing record title and lyrics, in the first two singles, certainly does makes one wonder if those experiences were the inspiration behind the music.

Watch “False Paradise” Now

About Northern Ghost:    
     Cleveland, Ohio’s Northern Ghost goes out of their way to create emotional, honest metalcore music and takes it’s influences from bands like Underoath and Architects. The end result is showcased on their debut album, “Happy : Sad : Depressed : Suicidal,” which will be released by Tragic Hero Records on July 7th.
     Northern Ghost was formed by Vocalist Tom McVaney and Guitarist Alan Bryan who both find inspiration from artists of many different genres and always pushed each other’s creativity. The addition of  Guitarist Nolan O’Renic, Bassist Kenny Pohorence and Drummer Mike Mazzoli, completes the line up of passionate, hard working artists.
     In 2017, Northern Ghost signed with Tragic Hero Records. The partnership was an easy decision once they met label owner Tommy LaCombe. McVaney explained, “Right away he made us feel like a priority and made it very clear he believed in what we’re doing.”
     Their debut album “Happy : Sad : Depressed : Suicidal” will be out on July 7th and is reminiscent of older Bring Me The Horizon and A Skylit Drive. McVaney has always used music as a coping mechanism and hopes the record will inspire fans when dealing with their own struggles.
“If our music can do for others what music has done for me, then I know we’re doing something right.”   -Tony McVaney
     Northern Ghost will be featured as support on the inaugural Tragic Hero Records tour with Dead Rabbitts, I Set My Friends on Fire and SET TO STUN.